What is Viro« Fiber?

Viro is a superior quality, polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength. The unique process used to create this synthetic material ensures a fiber that is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof, and resistant to temperature variations.

In addition, Viro is extremely durable, as evidenced by its UV- and weather-resistance. It's also ideal for weaving, producing beautiful and elegant outdoor furniture. Benefits of Viro« Fibers

High-quality Viro fiber boasts these first-rate benefits:

Environmentally friendly Viro is non-toxic and recyclable, does not contain PVC, and is made from 100% high-density polyethylene A leader in the industry, Viro is used by only the top brands in Europe and the US Viro fiber is specially designed and engineered for outdoor use, making it ideal for patio furniture Several tests are performed to ensure the fiber's durability, including an accelerating weathering test with exposure to direct sunlight Viro uses the same additives used in antimicrobial products, such as hand cleaners Boasts anti-static/anti-dust grades An anti-chlorine grade is added to protect against high chlorine exposure

Viro« Fiber FAQs

Q: Is Viro suitable for year-round outdoor use? A: Yes. Viro is designed to be insensitive to temperature differences ranging from -94░F to 176░F (-70░C to 80░ C).

Q: Won't the color of the fiber fade? A: No. Viro fiber won't fade, even if it's exposed to extreme weather conditions during summer and winter.

Q: Is Viro safe for the environment? A: Yes. Viro fiber is made from polyethylene, which is non-toxic (even when burned, no toxic substances are generated) and 100% recyclable.

Q: What about rain, salt water, and chlorine? A: Viro is resistant to all of them, so it's safe to be used at the beach and by the pool Ś even suntan lotions and creams aren't a problem.

Q: Does Viro require special cleaning and maintenance? A: No special maintenance is required. Simply clean using a wet cloth. An occasional cleaning using soap or a mild detergent is also recommended.




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